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Welcome to Kokusai Karate Do Renmei S.A.

Kokusai Karate Do Renmei S.A. is a branch of Karate-Do Internatinal Renmei who's Headmaster is, Kancho Rony Kluger. Karate-Do International Renmei is an international organisation known and certified by :

Dai Nippon Botukukai – Kyoto, Japan

Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Do Sho Honbu Jun Do Kan – Okinawa, Japan

International Budo Academy

Traditional Karate do Organisation



World Union of Martial Arts Federations

In South Africa the school is headed by four of our local Master teachers. The Master teachers are Leonard Marthinus, Shihan ( 6th Dan), Mike Chong, Shihan (5th Dan), Sydney Cohen, Shihan (5th Dan) and Gordon Foulis, Shihan (5th Dan). Together they form our Shihan Kai.

In Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal the school is headed by full-time instructor Mauro Pereira, Sensei (4th Dan). The style of karate we teach is classical Goju Ryu karate. We do not teach sport karate. Our main focus is to preserve the classical art of Goju Ryu karate and to promote the serious study of Budo (Martial Arts) where courteous behaviour, advancement in technical proficiency, strengthening of the body and perfection of the mind are encouraged. With recent trends towards infatuation with just technical abilities compounded by an excessive concern with winning, a severe threat has been placed on the essence of true Budo.

Our school's aim is to provide an environment to our students which will expose them to correct physical and mental training thereby helping students in building their character, enhancing their sense of judgement and ultimately becoming disciplined individuals capable of making contributions to society at large. We welcome anyone who has the sincere desire and willingness to commit to the true study and diligent practice of the art of Goju Ryu Karate Do.