Our School's History


Leib Yehuda Pantanovich 2nd Dan immigrates to Israel from South Africa and start's teaching Karate lessons. Among the first 8-students, was Rony Kluger, Kancho. The class takes place at the "Amos Institute", Petach Tiqva.


First visit to Israel of Hugh St. John Thomson, Head of Karate-Do South Africa.


Kancho Rony Kluger leaves to South Africa to become a Learner Instructor, where he studies, practices, breathes and lives Karate-Do seven days a week, full time, under the guidance and watchful eyes of Hanshi Denis St. John Thomson. Kancho Rony returns to Israel by the end of 1975, as a Black Belt, authorized by the Head of the school as the Chief Instructor of Karate Do in Israel.


Kancho Rony begins teaching Karate-Do as a professional, full timer Teacher in Petach Tikva, first in the Maccabi gym, and than in the Hess Street Dojo. This period continues until 1984.


First international Gashuku of Karate-Do in Urdorf, Switzerland.


Second international Gashuku of Karate-Do in Urdorf, Switzerland.


The two teachers (Leib Pantanowitz and Rony Kluger) take separate ways after a long and successful visit to Okinawa Japan at Higaonna Morio Senseis Dojo. Pantanowitz, Sensei joins Higaonna Senseis organization, and Kancho Rony continues his Karate-Do with a fruitful collaboration of his personal mentor and Teacher, Hanshi Denis St. John Thomson. During this year, the first Israeli Dechi,Cna'an Lifshitz (2nd Dan), begins his training - studying and practicing full time, for two consecutive years as the personal student of Kancho. Cna'an initiated the magnificent tradition of œDechi in Israel, a tradition that has lasted to this days. During this year an accelerated development of the school began - many branches were opened, the instructor's team grew bigger, many newly awarded black belts joined our Yudansha Kai, and international relations began to flourish.


Kancho Rony pays a visit to his homeland (Hungary), and establishes initial relations with the Hungarian Karate Federation and with Attila Miskolczi, then a Goju-Kai student, and the future Chief Representative of our school in Hungary.


First international Gashuku under Kancho Rony Klugers supervision in Stans - Switzerland.


Historical International Gashuku, The first of its kind ever in Hungary, under the leadership of Kancho Rony. As a result of the Gashuku, Attila Miskolczi arrives in Israel as the first foreign Uchi Dechi. Later, Marius Strydom from South Africa will join as a senior Uchi Dechi, followed by a long line of Dechis both from Israel and abroad continuing the ancient tradition.


Attila Miskolczi Sensei completed his first training period in Israel and opens the first Hungarian branch of Karate-Do International Renmei. On the other hand, the school in Israel departs from students who choose to follow a different path.


Kancho Rony is invited as an official guest to Finland, as a Teacher and Lecturer. These initial relations will turn into an ongoing bond - Kancho Rony has already visited Finland on eight occasions and the relationship continues to grow.


Along with the development and expansion of the school's activities, the Honbu Dojo moves to different places, starting at Amos Institute, through Maccabi Petah Tiqva gym, 13 Hess St., œHeychal Theatre basement, and finally in 1992 to its present location on 9 Hafetz Haim St. in Petach Tiqva. Karate-Do celebrates 20 years anniversary in an extraordinary festive event with the presence of the Japan Karate Federation's (JKF) Masters Team. The JKF seniors stayed as our guests, leaded a successful seminar, and conducting examinations at the Honbu Dojo. They participated in our 20th year celebrations under the patronage and presence of the Japan's Ambassador in Israel.


Kancho Rony Kluger is appointed Dean of the International Budo Academy (IBA).


Karate-Do International Renmei separates from Kancho Hugh St. John Thomson turning toward a new and independent way, while establishing renewed relations with the historical sources of Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate-Do in Okinawa Japan. Kancho Rony returns to practice in Okinawa where he is warmly welcomed byEiichi Miyazato Sensei. Ever since, he has returned many times for professional visits in Okinawa and Japan. During the same year Kancho Rony is appointed a senior member with official status in the legendary œDai Nippon Butoku Kai, which is the elite governmental organization of traditional martial arts and senior Budo Teachers in Kyoto, Japan. Kancho Rony Kluger becomes one of the first teachers of the western world to be accepted and honored with an official position in this prestigious historic organization.


Karate-Do celebrates 25 years of activity in a historical event, with the presence of: Dr. George Popper, General Secretary of European Karate Federation and the General Secretary of IBA, with the active participation of the Japan, Hungary and Poland Ambassadors, Mr. Imad Khalil, the Head of the Royal College of Karate from Amman - Jordan, and personal friends of Dr. Rony Kluger, senior members of Hungarian Karate-Do under the leadership of Attila Miskolczi Sensei, Israeli IOC Chairman, leaders of World Maccabi, and many top senior Israeli sport executives.


First decade celebrations of Karate-Do in Hungary, with the participation of: the Ambassador of the State Of Israel in Hungary, Dr. George Popper Executive President of IBA, Foreign Affairs Ministry representatives, highly respected guests from Russia and Romania, and of course the students and seniors of the school in Israel and Hungary. The memorable events of Karate-Do in Hungary culminate in a a festivital to end our international Gashuku.


Team of our seniors ( Shmulik Friede, Yossi Keyserman, Shay Bendersky) companied Kancho Rony Kluger for a special educational tour to Okinawa. We paid respect and joined the memorial services held in remembering the late Miyazato Eichi Sensei, the legendary leader of the Jundokan Dojo. The team received special attention and personal instruction from all leaders of the Jundokan.


30th year celebrations of Karate-Do in Israel was received with a sense of nostalgia and sentiment , with the very treasured visit of Denis St. John Thomson, Hanshi, 9th Dan,- the personal Teacher and Guide of Kancho Rony Kluger. Hanshi Denis arrives in Israel thanks to the invitation of Yudansha Kai , as a gesture to Hanshi Denis, and as a acknowledgment for his lifetime work in promoting and developing traditional Budo. Hanshi Denis teaches a series of workshops and leads some stunning and extraordinary discussions with the schools seniors. Spartaco Bertoletti, Soke, chairman of the World Ju-Jutsu & Kobudo Organization (WJJKO), and a close friend of Kancho, was also invited to direct a seminar of Ju-Jutsu and Iaido.

30 April 2002

During the historical event of 115 years to Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, at the Butokuden, Kyoto, Japan, in the presence of the DNBK's Hanshi Board, the representatives of the Japanese emperors family and some government representatives of Japan, Dr. Rony Kluger is officially awarded Karate Do 8th Dan. Kancho Rony is the second non-Japanese ever awarded with such a rank in Karate-Do, by the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai.

December 2002

A selected team of our seniors (Shmulik Friede, Yossi Keyserman and Ronen Berger Sensei) joined again Kancho Rony for a special training program with the Ju Dan's (10th. Dan) of the Jundokan Dojo. The team trained intensively at the Jundokan, and also at the private Dojo of Hichiya Sensei and Minei Sensei. They also received a great amount of information from a very friendly visit and meeting with Hokama Sensei - the director of the Okinawa Karatedo Museum. The visit concluded with the third year Memorial Service held at the Jundokan Dojo in memory of Miyazato O'Sensei.

As mentioned before, the heart of the school is at the Honbu Dojo Petach Tikva, Israel. From there the educational and administrative system is directed and the way of the school in Israel and abroad is outlined. Karate Do International Renmei has branches in Hungary, under the Headship of Attila Miskolczi, Shihan, in Australia under Jonathan Sandler, Shihan, in Israel Smulik Fride, Shihan Heads the Yudansha Kai and Gilad Kluger, Sensei directs the Honbu Dojo. The Israeli branches are under, Ronen Berger, Sensei, who is a full time instructor in Shoham, Rishon Le-Tzion and Ramat Aviv, Doron Shterenberg, Sensei leading his special Dojo in Hod Hasharon, Felix Sidelkovsky, Sensei, who runs the branch in Ashkelon, Yaron Ben-Shachar, Sensei who joined our school from Haifa, Sergei Arz, Sensei, leading the Kfar Saba and the Kyriat Ono Dojos, Amir Harduf Sensei Heading Karate Do Galil Elyon and Tony Layos, Sensei from Karate Do Meiliye who joined us as well.

Karate Do International Renmei holds professional relationships and tight cooperation with many International Budo organizations and Senior Teachers from Okinawa, Japan, South Africa, Finland, USA, Canada, Italy, India, France, Germany, Romania, Latvia and Holland.


Karate Do International under the leadership of Dr. Rony Kluger, is officially recognized and accredited by the State Of Israel - the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, as a School of Instructors and Coaches (Sport law 1988).

Hanshi Denis st. John Thomson invited kancho Rony and his seniors to take part in Kushido SA 40th anniversary. The heart warming event was a great success and heated up old conncetions of Rony Kluger in Australia and South Africa. This special year brought Jonathan Sandler, Shihan of Australia to join Karate Do International and consequently lead to two of our International Gashukus in Hungary. Kancho Rony visited Australia twice to run special Gashukus and advanced instructor's trainings. Jonathan Sandler, Shihan joined Kancho and the senior teachers team to visit our Jun Do Kan Dojo in Okinawa. Many Astralian students visited our Honbu Dojo and joined Gashukus. Australia was warmly welcomed into the family of our school.


The largest team of seniors so far, joined Rony Kluger, Kancho for a special visit to Okinawa to pay respect to the memory of Miyazato Eichi O'Sensei, the legendary Head Master of the Jundokan Dojo in Okinawa. This very successful visit lead eventually to the main event of Karate Do in 2006, The first International Jundokan Gashuku with the participation of Miyazato Kancho, Taira Sensei, Gima Sensei, Azuma Sensei,and Glenn Sensei from the Jundokan.


The first International Sho Honbu Jundokan Summer Gashuku in Godollo, Hungary organized and hosted by Karate Do International Renmei. Over 200 participants including over 80 Yudansha from eight countries, joined forces to make it a wonderful and outstanding event. During the great event, we hosted some old time friends of Kancho from South Africa, Braam Peens, Shihan, Jannie le Grange, Sensei, Mario Sequeira, Sensei and Che Jagger, Sensei of Karate Do International Renmei South Africa, Andre Van Vuuren, Sensei, Graham Abbott, Sensei, Patrick Kalis Sensei and Wessel Wilms, Sensei of South Africa Goju Ryu Karate Do. They all joined forces with Karate do International Renmei, becoming most welcomed and respected representatives of KDIR.

First International Jundokan Gashuku, Hugary 2006


Karate Do international Renmei's 35th. Anniversary. A year of great events and new beginnings. During 2007 Kancho visited twice South Africa. The first visit consisted of three Gashukus: The first was held in Johannesburg, hosted by Mario and Che Sensei (with the very valuable participation and contribution of Braam Peens, Shihan). The Gashuku was a great success, with hundreds of well prepared students and Yudansha. This was a great opportunity to meet all members and Instructors of Karate do International Renmei South Africa. The second stop was at the beautiful Garden Routs. We held a very impressive, well attended Gashuku in George, under the hospitality of Jannie le Grange Sensei and the excellent yudansha kai leaded by Andree van Vuuren,Sensei, Graham Abbott, Sensei, Patrick Kalis Sensei and Wessel Wilms Sensei all from South Africa Goju Ryu Karate Do. The gashuku was highlighted with the presence of our friends from Cape Town, Sydney Cohen, Shihan and Gordon Foulis , Shihan. The third and last stop was Cape Town. Kancho visited Hanshi Denis st. John Thomson's HQ and tought some classes to the local Yudansha Kai.

Special 35th Anniversary International Gashuku took place in kibbutz Masabey Sade. The Gashuku was attended by a large team of seniors from Hungary under the fine leadership of Marci Falusi, Sensei. Australia was also represented by a nice team lead by Brett Varga, Sensei, but the highlights came from South Africa from where a wonderfull team of Shihans joined us; Shihan Leonard Marthinus, Mike Chong, Sydney Cohen, Gordon Foulis and also Sensei Brian Jooste and Sensei Shaun Bouwer from JHB.

The outstanding international team lined up with the local folks and created the most exciting environment for a most memorable professional adventure of training, learning, sweating and discussing our art.

Later in Septemeber Kancho was back again in South Africa running again, gashukus and gradings. The first was a most professionally organized gashuku held in Johannesburg, mainly for the seniors of Karate Do International Renmei SA. Sensei Mario and Sensei Che arranged this great event. We used this special occasion to introduc our specialized instructors training program. We concluded with very satisfiying senior gradings. New Shodans, Nidans, Sandans and the first Yondan to Shaun Brower, Sensei. The second stop was George, where a fine execution of Godan testing took place by Sensei Abbott andSensei Kalis. The last part, took place in Cape Town once again, meeting old time good friends.

The school's 35th anniversary concluded with a unique winter gashuku in Budapest, Hungary. A very special event, which included joint trainings with our friends from the Hungarian Ju Jutsu Federation.


Special year with most remarkable events in Japan. In April Kancho Rony, Shihan Smulik Friede and Sensei Felix Sidelkovsky represented our school in Kyoto, Japan at Dai Nippon Butukai's third World Butoku Sai;- the 125th anniversary of the historical Dai Nippon Butokukai, an extremely formal event, deeply led by the Japanese protocol. The event as usual, was held in the oldest Japanese Dojo the Butokuden the HQ of the Dai Nippon Butokukai, the place where Miyagi, Funakoshi, Kano and Ueshiba demonstrated their art and were officially accredited by the Dai Nippon Butokukai. Kancho Rony Kluger together with Shihan Smulik Friede had the privilege to demonstrate and participate in the most professional and spiritual Budo demonstration of Japan. All very old/senior Budoka gathered together for the World Butokusai demostrations. It was an excellent way to watch at first hand the oldest Budo traditions (different ryuha/schools) and their representatives demonstrating their art. Kancho and Shihan Shmulik demonstrated on three occasions during the Karatedo section: Tensho, Suparinpai, Shishochin Bunkai and Shishochin Kata, in the Kobudo section they demonstrated Sai and Bo. At the closing ceremony Kancho executed Kururunfa. It was definitely a most impressive experience. Great seminars were conducted amongst which our team concentrated on the Art of the Jo (Short Stick), meeting a very famous and respected Shihan teacher in Japan, a great lady who gave a great class.

A visit was organized to the famous Shorenin Shrine of Kyoto, who's leader is the Head priest Fugashimi Jikko, a close relative of Japan's emperor, who is leading the Dai Nippon Butokukai on behalf of the emperor.

The Dai Nippon Butokukai surprised Kancho with a great honor on announcing and accrediting his life time endeavor of spreading and teaching classical Martial Arts worldwide within the frame of the International Budo Academy. The plaque and the certification were handed over by the Head Sosai of the Dai Nippon Butokukai, Prince Fugashimi Jikko. After the week long event in Kyoto, Kancho Rony, Shihan Shmulik Friede and Sensei Felix Sidelkovsky continued down to Okinawa, our home base Dojo the Jundokan, for a week of hard and dedicated training withTaira, Gima and Kinjo Sensei and off course, with Kancho Miyazato observing and looking close by. The work was centered on the use of Kata practice to develop fighting skills and exploding focus on a very different level. It was a different path of kata training for Senior Yudansha.

During the summer of 2008, the International Kibbutz Gashuku will be held with the participation of our international leaderships from Hungary, Australia and South Africa. In August, the Third Friendship Gashuku in Melbourne, Australia will take place and in late October the road to South African Gashukus will open once again.


20th. Anniversary of Karate Do International's activities in Hungary under the fine leadership of Attila Miskolczi, Shihan and Marton Falusi, Sensei as Director of the Branch. We held our International Gashuku this time in Budapest to honor our friends in Hungary. During our International gathering, we reached great heights of spirit and positive atmosphere, we used the time ideally and trained the body and mind according to our plans. The Gashuku was a great success, with the participation of all our Dojo Heads world wide. As a very special guest, we hosted Joe B. MIRZA, Sensei of USA, the legendary President of the AAU Karate program. Mirza Sensei contributed greatly to our Budo Family, through his fine classes, lectures and exemplary input through training.